Why Pakistan is Losing the War Against Terrorism

The author of this piece seems to forget that the most powerful source in crafting the counter-narrative is the media, but in Pakistan the media has sold out the country and the people in the name of ratings and political favor.

When a nation’s media is unable to find their own footing and present a viable counter argument to the those who are supporting dialogue with people who renounce the Constitution, proclaiming that our military are not shaheed but terrorists are, and broadcasting the aftermath of terrorist attacks non-stop, the battle is already lost. History cannot be re-written because a new government is in power, nor can it be re-created by sympathizers that would like to wrap the terrorists with the justification of responding to drone attacks. The terrorists are not willing to end their conflict against the civilians or the military of Pakistan until they achieve their end goal – control of the country’s policies and governance.

The use of the term terrorists, however, should not be limited to those who are fighting under the TTP banner. It should be extended to include everyone who desires to cause conflict in the country including the gangs in Karachi, the extremist madrassahs that preach hate against Shias and Sunnis, and the politicians that count these people as part of their vote bank. Pakistan needs to be cleansed of all of these groups, otherwise we will continue to fight for decades to come. But then that is of no importance to the political class of the country, because they get on airplanes and fly away to their real countries of residence once their governments are over.

Where the media needs to start is with pointing out that the terrorists have had numerous peace deals with previous governments, only to rear their ugly heads up again and start killing. This is not a trustworthy negotiating partner. They look for opportunities to take advantage and dialogue is another such opportunity.

Remember Sri Lanka fought a bloody war for 27 years to find peace in their country from the extremist elements. Are we saying that Pakistan, and Pakistanis, are not willing to do the same? If that is the case, then we have a much larger problem within our society that needs to be addressed.

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