We are the Shaheeds

In the ongoing comedy that is known as the peace negotiations with terrorists, the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan today issued a statement with their conditions for a ceasefire. Since no one in the government has the intestinal fortitude to speak the truth to the people who have killed over 70,000 Pakistanis in the last decade and over 300 people since the start of the peace negotiations, we, the people of Pakistan, put forward our response.

TTP Condition #1

“Our fighters are being targeted, arrested and killed in fake police encounters. The government’s negotiations team should ensure to our committee that this would immediately stop,” said the TTP spokesman.

Yes, and we will continue to target, arrest and kill your members. As long as you kill private citizens and soldiers, we will continue to target you. What you don’t realize is that under the law of Pakistan and the teachings of Islam, you are murderers and criminals. You do not have the right to declare a jihad. That is the state’s responsibility and you are not the state.

It is your confusion that you think that you stand above the law of the land and Allah.

TTP Condition #2

“The government has killed more than 60 Taliban since the start of the peace talks, in Karachi and the rest of Pakistan, under a secret operation codenamed Operation Root Out,” Shahid said.

Since the start of the peace negotiations, there have been 16 bomb blasts and 3 attacks on security forces costing more than 350 lives of innocent civilians, soldiers, police officers and officers. By our count, we still have some catching up to do. If you think that we will allow you to continue killing our citizens with impunity, you are incorrect.

Just because the government is full of cowards does not mean that the citizens are cowards.

TTP Condition #3

“The killings of soldiers in Mohmand were in response to the onslaught on Taliban members by security forces during the talks between government and Taliban committees,” he added.

Peace talks between to end years of violence by the militant group reached a deadlock earlier this week after the killing of the 23 soldiers. The soldiers had been kidnapped from Shongari checkpost in Mohmand tribal region in 2010 and were killed in captivity to avenge what they called the custodial killing of their ‘fighters’ in various parts of Pakistan.

Here’s what we, as Pakistanis, don’t understand – you seem to think that you have the right to retaliate but we don’t. You killed 23 of our soldiers in response to the attacks against you, yet we should sit quietly while you continue to kill our citizens in bomb blasts?

We have JF-17, F-16s and helicopter gunships that your leader, Mullah Fazal Ullah is well acquainted with. They chased him out of Swat like the animal that he is and we will use them to chase you out of Pakistan.

Our conditions for peace talks with the Taliban

  1. The immediate handover of every person involved in the planning, funding, supply and execution of every attack in Pakistan over the past year. If you have claimed responsibility for it in the media, you have done it. If you have not claimed responsibility, your recent statement that your group was in touch with all splinter groups means that you are responsible for those as well.
  2. The immediate surrender of all weapons, munitions and members to the armed forces of Pakistan in every city and village of Pakistan. You have violated Allah’s law and we will judge you based on that law. You want Shariah, we are happy to judge you with it first.
  3. The immediate release of every prisoner in TTP custody without harm. For each prisoner that has been harmed, you will be judged as per condition #2.
  4. In addition to the above, we demand the payment of the following amounts:
    • Rs. 100 million for each person killed in each of your attacks
    • Rs. 50 million for each person injured in each of your attacks
    • Rs. 25 million for each school that has been damaged in each of your attacks
    • Rs. 25 million for each building that has been damaged in each of your attacks
    • Rs. 15 million for each vehicle damaged in each of your attacks

Your members that have been killed or injured, buildings that have been destroyed are not our concern. You started this fight and we are finishing it.

This is the voice of one Pakistani and we are asking every other Pakistani to share, tweet and post this to their social media accounts. We have had enough of the cowards ruling us and we want our due under Islamic law and the laws of Pakistan.

This was not a jihad when it started, but you have made it a jihad… against you. Don’t be confused.

We are the martyrs. We are the innocents that have been invaded by an animal horde. We are the ones that will receive Allah’s blessing and rewards. We have been and always will be the Shaheeds.

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