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There are days when I just don’t want to bother. There are days that I can’t wait to get to my hands on a piece of paper. This is the life of someone who is writing a book – days of stagnation wondering where the next line is going to come from, followed by days of furious writing fighting our internal demons to get it down on paper before we forget. We never know where, or when (for that matter), inspiration or ideas will hit us. Being a first time novelist and long-time storyteller, I have struggled with many of the highs and lows that come with writing a book.

We all learned as children, stories that are well crafted and beautifully written stories capture the imagination, passion and minds of readers. Do you remember the stories that have impacted you throughout your lifetime? Personally, I have gotten lost in the magic of Piers Anthony and JRR Tolkien and longed to live the life of Jack Ryan and Jason Bourne, but sadly reality doesn’t lend itself to those pursuits. Reality is that cold-hearted bitch that slaps us out of the imaginative world of fiction into the responsibilities of work, life and family.

Being a marketer by profession, many people thought that the jump to writing fictional stories was just natural since we do that for brands and products everyday, but writing for a brand and writing for a voracious reading public are two different things. In the professional world, we have to come up with one-line, a paragraph or a quick hit that will stay in the consumer’s mind when they are in the shopping centers and corner stores. It’s not the same when you write a book.

Books are carefully crafted stories that have intricate characters, deep plot lines and conflicts that need to be resolved. There isn’t a one-hit approach to that and for someone that doesn’t understand that, it can be a stark awakening. And approval doesn’t come from a single person, but a group of critics that read, read and read books by best selling authors making the standard much harder because we are not Tolkien, Clancy, Reilly, Forsyth, Rand or Rowling. Sure there are many new voices in each genre but most of them are not read because we don’t fall into that standard and people aren’t willing to take a chance with their hard earned money for a book that may not get them there.

So for my fellow first timers, the storytellers in us all, and those who read, I want to take you on the journey of how Agency Rules was crafted and written. Not as a pat on the shoulder for a job well done, nor as an inspiration that if I can do it, so can you. No. That’s not the reason. It’s to tell you that we all have a story inside of us to tell; it’s just a matter of deciding if the story will take a couple paragraphs or 400 pages.

Once, ok maybe twice, a week, I’ll jump out of the marketing and promotion mode and take you on this journey. Sometimes you will find tips and tricks; sometimes you will wonder why in the world this guy put himself through this. This is all part of my story to tell.

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About Khalid Muhammad - Author

When people talk about Khalid Muhammad, they talk about an entrepreneur who has helped others build their dreams and businesses. They talk about a teacher, who is dedicated to his students, both inside and outside the classroom, and they return the dedication tenfold. Now, they talk about the author, who has written a fast-paced, action-packed spy thriller about Pakistan, the politics, the Army and terrorism. Born in Pakistan’s troubled Swat Valley, educated and raised in the United States, Khalid returned to Pakistan almost 17 years ago and fell in love with his country. His debut novel, Agency Rules – Never an Easy Day at the Office, is a journey behind the headlines about Pakistan, the world’s most dangerous place, to deliver an intense story that will challenge the reader to question what they have been told.


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