The 13th May

Today, we stand in blood again for the inaction and non-commitment of the elected leadership of Pakistan‬. Today, we stand in funeral prayers again for the brutality of those who claim to represent Islam‬.

But will today be any different that all the other days?

I implore you, beg you, plead with you to please put aside all the petty differences that we have as a nation and focus on those who are determined to destroy us. From those who carry an anti-state ideology to those who are picking up weapons to kill us, we must stand together today and every day until this war is won.

A few months back, I wrote an article that exposed the linkage between the terrorist outfits and ISIS‬. It was published a few months after the Army Public School‬ attack. I am posting the link here for you all to re-read and understand.

When they are willing to put aside their differences to unite in one cause to destroy Pakistan, why are we still fighting to protect their rights in the courts? Why are we still allowing their supporters to walk free in the streets? I can assure you that there will be a host of mullahs and imams on the talk shows tonight pushing forward their agenda.

How long will we allow this “rigged government” to continue in power? An interior minister who was a student of Lal Masjid to continue to make rules for our protection, while traveling in a highly secure protocol himself. Does anyone still believe that Nawaz Sharif isn’t carrying Zia‬’s mission forward? Have we seen any real action from the 20 point National Action Plan that was agreed upon by the political parties of Pakistan?

No, we are still waiting for the politicians to work out the details, while the lawyers are busy stopping death penalties for those who refuse to accept the Constitution of Pakistan, yet it is being used to protect them?

I am no longer interested in those who want to talk about the “missing persons,” the “drone strikes,” and the arrests that put these animals on the run. The Pakistan Army‬ has them beaten in Waziristan‬ and Khyber‬, so now they want to shake the public into stepping back from a fight that we are winning.

That, my friends, is why soft targets are hit. That, my friends, is why soft targets are important in wars. They shake the public. They make you question your security and your armed forces. Their goal is to make you feel completely defenseless before them so that you will bow to them.

They have given us their sign of their unity… what is your response, Pakistan?

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  1. We are still not ready to put aside our differences. When a nation reaches to that point where such bloodbath and screams of those suffered mean nothing to their countrymen, one could only imagine the moral decline of them.As a nation, we have failed those kids who had no reason to sacrifice for us. We are politically,religiously,ethnically,economically and mentally exploited people.But One should not abandon hope as direction of wind is changing.Gen Raheel Sharif should be credited to lit these beacons of hope in us; we will fight for this country whatever it costs us.This venom, which was poured deep into us,is taking time to wash away.Collectively honest efforts can drive us in right direction. I’m optimistic that soon,we will see that Pakistan for which countless martyrs have laid down their lives.


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