What I have always found interesting is the target of their campaigns. They are not interested in those who can engage with them and disprove their slipshod theories on the governance of a nation-state. They are not interested in the intelligent debate because they have no intelligence to debate with. They are interested in what I call low-hanging fruit.

“It is an eye opening, intriguing novel, overwhelmed by the situations and illustrative scenario. After reading Agency Rules, you will never think of Pakistan as a terrorist country.”

Mission Creep is what critics are calling it, says Mehreen Zahra-Malik, in her propaganda article for the MQM in Reuters. But is it really mission creep (a quiet coup) or is it an attempt to free Karachi from the terror of target killing and extortion?

“And I am very happy she did, because I am massively impressed and positively delighted by this blend of genre.”

“Captain Kamal’s story, the protagonist, more or less, represents the life story of majority of the field intelligence officers all over the globe and the sacrifices they and their families make!”

“One of the best spy thrillers I have ever come across. The detail and the writing style was beyond phenomenal. The transactions from one scene to the other and the extensive details of every account makes it easier for the reader to create a mental picture of literally every single scene described in the book.”

It is the nature of my life, my work and my continued existence on this planet that I be able to draw people near while keeping my own emotional and personal distance. Being able to live this way is a character trait that I learned as a child for the environment that I was forced to grow in and has become the singular greatest advantage that I have achieved. I am who I need to be for each situation, for each interaction, for each individual, without remorse, without questioning.

But the human rights activists will now stand to protect the rights of those who carried out the acts, rather than speak and defend the rights of the victims. The human rights activists will now stand to demand transparent justice for those who are guilty of brutality equal to that of the most vicious warlords. That they should be given all the protections of due process.

What I am against is using the cover of electronic crimes to silence the people of Pakistan who, in a true democratic dispensation, have the right to voice their opinions without fear of punishment or prosecution. I am also fearful that this new legislation will do nothing to stop cyber terrorism, violence against minorities and others, and electronic crimes.

So please, get your armies together and go fight. Invade Yemen, let us see who you need and who you don’t need. And when your monarchies fall, because without our army to protect you, there will be no GCC or House of Saud, we shall see who needs who.

But this is common place for ‪Pakistan‬. When a foreign government says something about Pakistan, the Foreign Office has routinely played the blind mouse and scurried around pretending it was never said.

But what the article fails to mention is the financial and military support that has been provided to the Tehrik-e-Taliban by India and it’s crackpot intelligence service, RAW. Yeah, I said it. Crackpot! When a bird shits in Delhi and you automatically point to Pakistan and the ISI, either you are crackpots or the most incompetent intelligence organization in the world. Nor does the article explain the rationale for Indian Consulates along the Pakistan border in regions that have no interest or love for India.

There isn’t much positive content available in this regard and mostly what you read is western and Indian propaganda. More stuff like this should be written. Eagerly waiting for the next one.

“From the very first chapter to the last one the reader remains curious to know about next event and it makes this novel a page turner. The novel has an amazing story which is a mix of action and suspense and highlights the fact that how important the role of ISI is for the survival of our country.”

Six words that define who we are and what we can be – “What Starts Here Changes the World.”