March 23, 2015



So… last night, the major media outlets were reporting the death of a HVT in the Khyber-2 operation and they added on that one of his top lieutenants had also been critically injured.

Many people posted screen grabs from major media outlets repeating the information, even though there was no confirmation or report from the ‪Pak Army‬ or ISPR Official. There is still no confirmation from the armed forces of this big of a kill.

What amazes me is that this is not the first time in the past year that it has happened, nor the first time since the media became independent that it has occurred. Last year, during the dharnas the media reported that the ‪COAS‬ had agreed to take a negotiator role between the dharna-walis and the government. All the channels ran this story with religious fervor, until ISPR bitch-slapped them all with a single tweet discrediting it.

When Baitullah or Hakeem Ullah were assumed to have been killed by drone strikes, the media pushed the same religious fervor to the nation with their reporting, only to be proven wrong within 24-48 hours. Baitullah or Hakeem Ullah would make an appearance at a TTP function.

Some of you took it as confirmation that he was dead when the TTP denied that statement, forgetting that when Baitullah and Hakeem Ullah were killed, the TTP was the first to confirm and announce a jirga to select a new leader.

When will you learn that the media is lying to you most of the time? How can I say that…. watch any breaking news story… first, it’s not important enough to be classified breaking news 99% of the time; and second, there is never any confirmed source that will repeat it on camera.

They have no confirmed information and are playing with the emotions of the entire nation just to get “breaking news” flashers and higher viewership for their channels. And you like sheep following along baying…

When there is a confirmed KIA of a HVT, the Army will report it themselves via a press release, press conference or tweet.

Please, please, please… demand that there be confirmed information before you pass information this big to the nation. The media can’t continue to lie to the people and the people can’t continue to follow along blindly.

PTA should sanction the channels and fine them heavily for mis-reporting information that they had no credible source for.

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