Democrats & Military Takeovers

Ok, so here’s what I think is just so cute.

When the media and “democrats” talk about the military takeovers in Pakistan, they conveniently forget that their own politicians were part of those governments.

Bhutto was part of General Ayub’s government, before he decided that democracy was the way for Pakistan, but then he was also Pakistan’s first Civilian Martial Law Administrator as well wink emoticon. Nawaz was nurtured and pushed to prominence by General Zia. He hasn’t forgotten his Ustad in his yearly visits to the grave and his continued mission to Islamicize Pakistan. Not to mention his protection of the groups that were created during Zia’s rule of Pakistan.

They forget these things when they rail against the military.

But they are quick to qualify their hatred with “it’s the officers” that have disgraced the Pakistan Army with their meddling in the country’s affairs. But aren’t the officers officers because they have put 20-30 years of their lives into serving and defending the country? Didn’t they start out as soldiers and don’t the soldiers today hold the dream of having those stars pinned on their shoulders? So aren’t you really insulting the entire Pakistan Army with your disrespect of their commanding officers?

Which of today’s politicians started out as a field soldier and after 20-30 years of service to the same party, earned the right to sit the leadership role of a political party?

I guess it comes down to a simple thing, and we have seen cases of physical fights on television, because someone dared to insult the “general” of a political party in front of one of their soldiers. We have heard the “soldiers of these political parties” say openly that they will tolerate any insult against them, but never against their “generals.”

Yet, these same soldiers insult the men who wear the uniform that defends this country, questioning their commitment by saying they are employees of the state. Forgetting that the politicians are more answerable to the people because they were ELECTED by the people.

I guess after saying all of this, I come down to one statement….

A lifetime of service to Pakistan means nothing in front of those who have created thrones for themselves and decided that they alone have the right to speak for the country and the people.

There is a difference between the sherwani and Armani suits that the politicians wear and the bloodstained uniforms that our soldiers wear.

That difference is honor. Honor earned through sacrifice. Honor attained through merit. Honor that results in leadership.

That’s is a difference between a nation’s armed forces and your father’s political party. And no matter what argument you would like to make, you will still never have honor.

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