Contest #2 – Interrogation Tactics

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The posters:

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  1. Continue as
    12- repitition approach:- continously repeating the same question
    13-file and dossier:- convincing the detainee that the interrogater has a damming and inaccurate file which must be fixed
    14- Mutt and Jeff:- a team consisting of a friendly and a harsh interrogator
    15- rapid fire:- questioning in rapid succession without allowing detainee to answer
    16- silence staring at the detainee to encourage discomfort

  2. Interrogation techniques:-
    1- Direct:- asking straight forward questions
    2- incentive:-providing a reward or removing a privilege
    3- emotional love:- playing on the love a detainee has for an individual or a group
    4- emtional hate:- playing on the hate a detainee has for an individual or a group
    5- fear up harsh:- signifacantly increasing a fear level in detainee
    6- reduced fear:- reducing the fear level in detainee
    7- pride and ego up:- boosting the ego of a detainee
    8- pride and ego down:- attacking and insulting the ego of a detainee
    9- futility:- invoking the feeling of futility of a detainee
    10- we know all:- convincing the detainee that the interogater knows the answer to questions he asks the detainee
    11- establish your identity:- convincing the detainee that the interrogater has mistaken the detainee for someone else

  3. Direct, straightforward questions

    (Deception) multiple interrogators

    New interrogation environment: change of scenery up/down

    Use of stress positions e.g. prolonged standing

    Use of falsified documents or reports in interrogation

    Isolating prisoner for up to 30 days

    New interrogation environment: better or worse

    Sensory deprivation light and auditory stimuli

    Hooding during transportation and questioning

    Prolonged interrogations e.g. 20 hours

    Removal of comfort items

    Removal of detainee’s clothing

    Using detainee phobias to induce stress

    Exposure to cold weather or water. This required appropriate medical monitoring

    Use of wet towel and dripping water to induce mis-perception of suffocation

    Use of mild, non-injurious physical contact such as grabbing, poking in the chest, and light pushing

    I hope these terms define itself. As it has been provided in simple manners.


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