Contest #1 – The Interrogation

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How do you pick the winners?

  1. Our team will read through the answers provided in each contest. The best answers will be posted to our Facebook page for fans to vote on with their likes.
  2. The answers receiving the most likes will be considered for the final round. However, if there are many questions posted under the answer and the person who gave it doesn’t answer the questions, they will be moved out of the final round.
  3. The final decision on the winners will be taken by a team at Agency Rules and Dead Drop Books.
  4. The decision of the team is final. There are no opportunities to challenge a decision.
  5. If any winner does not provide the required information within a reasonable timeframe, they will be disqualified and the next person will be given the prize.

What are the prizes?

  • Top 2 answers get an autographed copy of Agency Rules – Never an Easy Day at the Office paperback
  • #3 & #4 get an autographed copy of the poster of their choice. The posters are high quality, gloss posters and look great framed 🙂
  • #5 & #6 get an autographed copy of the book cover. The book covers are extras from when the book was printed and are high quality.

The posters:

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  1. It depends on the situation…suppose during the course of the war, if you are on a combat mission & you captured an enemy in the field, than after interrogating you can simply eliminate him, if necessarily required…
    But as you are not sure what sort of information he might be carrying, It is must you should dispatch him to interrogation center. For that, you can assign some men who will escort him to the location & rest of others will continue their mission…

  2. Objective: Capture enemy squad with minimal casualties and maximize intelligence gathered

    1. Render enemy soldier unconscious

    2. Embed GPS capable micro-transmitter into ankle.

    (Assume PAK intelligence officials are supplied with body-embeddable transmitters which are 20nm in size, injectable and contain GPS or GLONASS Transceiver)…(these exist thanks to nanotechnology, HIT or KRL should be developing these)

    3. Leave the premises, conceal your presence in nearby area(s)

    4. After gaining conscious, enemy soldier will either try to find his squad, or his squad may find him

    5. track enemy soldier movements via GPS or GLONASS receiver.

    6. If and when enemy soldier rendezvouses with squad, initiate appropriate tactical strike

    7. Capture rest of squad with minimum losses and proceed with further necessary actions (further interrogation, imprisonment etc)

  3. Keeping in view the consequences, I will assign two officers from the infantry squad (under the consent of the Commander) to exterminate the prison after getting sufficient intel.

    In reality, I will be in close liaison with the Commander as well as the Government, to have the prisoner transmitted in secrecy to a confined location for further probing.

    For the significance of the Prisoner’s information, and for the integral duty of the agency I would simply refuse to have him killed, for I would not be contended with the information retrieved, which is why I would orchestrate a secret operation (within the operation) to have the prisoner removed and to instill the notion within the infantry’s rank that he has been killed. Also, I will be calling for a quick press release of the Prisoner’s coup de grace, for the news to make rounds behind enemy lines.

    Safety of the squad would be a priority, but safety of information would be my top priority.

  4. After getting the required information out of him, I would eliminate him and based on that information recommend the infantry officer to stay alert and start the search for his squad based on the information the prisoner gave me because my team cannot survive carrying the prisoner and if the information is enough ,he won’t be of any use to me.

  5. i will Place a transmitter inside his body and will plan his release as he think he have escaped from my place and then strike him later again at his place with his squad

  6. As the interrogator I too am a soldier, and not a heartless, merciless rogue. The prisoner will be accorded his full rights under the Geneva Convention, irrespective of the threat that he might pose to the patrol’s survival. Cant set him free, for that would definitely compromise the patrol. Cant execute him for obvious reasons, and it’s not fear of the war crimes tribunal, but that of the Creator.

  7. I will set him free with a hidden transmitter in his uniform and then ‘ll chase him (his activities) until he reaches his squad so that we could raid upon them.

  8. I will try one more time to see if I can squeeze some more information out of him. After all he is enemy soldier and have to dispose him off to save our own squad.

  9. Offer the captured soldier his release for further information or otherwise he would be killed. To enforce your offer the prisoner can be shot on the leg olrn inflicted any other type of unlethal yet painful injury.

  10. I’m just an interrogator. I’ll do nothing except follow orders.

  11. I will follow the Agency rules.

  12. I will further interrogate the prisoner and threat him if he does not cooperate he will not live to see another day, if he spits out more information it will be a bonus then I will have the prisoner tied and gagged to be left there in the wild. If he is lucky he will survive. I will also speak of a false route and plan to my fellow troops to mislead the prisoner if he is found too soon by his own troops.

  13. I’ll check his body is there any device exist in his body or not ? if yes then remove it and i’ll faint him with injection and keep his body with our squad as he isn’t our enemy solider he is now our’s . and then i’ll investigate him further more, hopefully till his last breath.the reason why i didn’t kill him opponent knows after getting info they will definitely kill him so he will never ever tell u the exact information that you want.

  14. I’ll order then to kill him because if we carry him, there are chances of my men being killed as an officer i won’t let my men die.

  15. 1)let him go (He must think he have escaped)…2) and booby trap the squad with covert surveillance of planned escaped prisoner.

  16. Since I have completed my mission by acquiring the requisite information so I will abide by the orders of my Patrol Commander (who is infantry commander) not to take the prisoner along and dispose him off. However if commander and time permits I would try to further interrogate him for some time and recommend infantry commander to dispose him off by killing as if we leave him alive he is going to share the incident and enemy commander may change his plan, but still the final decision will be of the Patrol Commander.

  17. Will kill him for the survival of squad


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