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Yesterday, I was honored to be invited to speak to the students of class 8, 9, and 10 of The City Model School in Federal B Area, ‪‎Karachi‬. The topic of my address was “Being a better Pakistani for Pakistan.”

I can honestly say, it was one of the most energized group of students that I have spoken in front of in a long time. They were engaged and had so many questions after the address that it showed me that the next generation is really interested in changing our Pakistan.

I shared a simple statement with the students, that if you think about it, you’ll find it true of our nation. Granted the statement itself related to soldiers, but we are all soldiers in the fight for Pakistan.

“Out of every 100 people, 10 should not be there, 80 are just targets, 9 are the real fighters and we are lucky to have them for they make the battle. But 1, 1 is a warrior, and he will bring all the others back.”

Many people are starting to get dejected because they are unable to sustain the fight against all the forces against Pakistan. Many people are considering surrender of their positions. I have this to say to you.

This is a war with many battles and many fronts. The 10 are those who say that Pakistan should never have been created. Those who would sell their souls to support the anti-state elements that speak against our nation and people. We all know who those people are.
If you expected it to be easy, then you are part of the 80 that are just targets. You are there to draw fire from those who want to take people out. If any war, you must be persistent. You must endure beyond what the enemy expects. If you can’t, you aren’t made for the battle for you don’t have the intestinal fortitude to take fire and still stand back up.

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Then, there are the 9, where I consider myself to be. These are the people who stand up against all the forces and keep fighting no matter how many bullets they have to take. They will clear the way, defend their commanders and fight for freedom against all forces that stand against our nation and our people. They will go back into the crossfire to save their brothers in arms just to make sure that they can fight another day.

Finally, there is the 1 – the warrior – who will lead us to salvation through their own example. They are unflinching in their standards and principles. They are unwilling to compromise our nation’s integrity for anyone or anything. They will be the leaders that the 9 stand up again and again to defend.

If you look at our Pakistan today, you will see that in every 100 people, this is the breakdown. 10 people have nothing by hate for our country and our ideology. 80 people are just stumbling through life waiting for someone to save them. 9 are fighting everyday against the forces that want to destroy us. 1 will be the leader that teaches us what Pakistan stands for again and again, until we finally understand.

Be part of the 10 that stand for Pakistan, so that one day you can be counted among the 1s that become our leaders.

Thank you to Furqan Sajid for inviting me to speak to the students. I look forward to doing it again in the near future.

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