“A good, well-written thriller with a lot of convincing background detail. Methodical and clever, for me this was a slow burner… it took a while to get into it but I kept going because the story was convincingly told and was without a lot of exaggerated twists and turns…”

“It is an eye opening, intriguing novel, overwhelmed by the situations and illustrative scenario. After reading Agency Rules, you will never think of Pakistan as a terrorist country.”

“And I am very happy she did, because I am massively impressed and positively delighted by this blend of genre.”

“Captain Kamal’s story, the protagonist, more or less, represents the life story of majority of the field intelligence officers all over the globe and the sacrifices they and their families make!”

“One of the best spy thrillers I have ever come across. The detail and the writing style was beyond phenomenal. The transactions from one scene to the other and the extensive details of every account makes it easier for the reader to create a mental picture of literally every single scene described in the book.”

There isn’t much positive content available in this regard and mostly what you read is western and Indian propaganda. More stuff like this should be written. Eagerly waiting for the next one.

“From the very first chapter to the last one the reader remains curious to know about next event and it makes this novel a page turner. The novel has an amazing story which is a mix of action and suspense and highlights the fact that how important the role of ISI is for the survival of our country.”

A must reading book and you won’t get bored while reading. After reading this book, your respect for army will become more.

I enjoyed this book as I used to enjoy those serials and i know a simple thanks won’t be enough from a person who is in deep love with the armed forces of Pakistan for writing such a wonderful novel.

Written in taking care of current scenarios and circumstances that Pakistan is dealing with is a huge task that Mr. Khalid Muhammad has done outstandingly.

Having read the likes of Tom Clancy, John le Carré, Geoffrey Archer, Frederick Forsyth, Stephen King, Robert Ludlum and others, I must confess this gent knows how to tell a story at par with the greats mentioned above.

Agency Rules is Pakistan’s first Spy Thriller that is so boldly written that it takes the reader on a collision course between fact and fiction.

It helps to understand the role of Pakistan in world events today.

Pakistan is a stereotyped country. People don’t think good of its people and armed forces but after reading this book you will get to know why people like to stereotype us.

Khalid sb have gone out of his way to slowly and gradually introduced characters and surroundings to keep you glued to the book. Without going into details this book deserves to be used as a screen play.