One week after Modi visited China, the Chinese Navy floated a nuclear sub right past the Indian Navy and into dock in Karachi. This happened to be the same week when the Chinese warned Pakistan that the Indians would do anything to derail the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

Khalid Muhammad was recently quoted in a Norwegian article on the Cyber Crime Bill in Pakistan.

Khalid sat down with Wasio Ali Abbasi and Digital Saeen to talk about terrorism, Pakistan and his new book, Scorched Earth, due out in the next few weeks.

Over the course of the discussion, Khalid went deep into his background and writing process, mixing in stories from the Pakistan gathered in interviews with captured terrorists, serving and retired Army officers and intelligence operatives.

Ink Magazine, an internationally recognized lifestyle and culture magazine for Generation Y, recommended Agency Rules to it’s readers!

We stumbled on this the other day, on the international Model United Nations website, Agency Rules – Never an Easy Day at the Office was listed as one of the most important books from Pakistan by the President of the Model United Nations in Pakistan.

Happy Independence Day Pakistan!

On Saturday, Khalid Muhammad was a presenter during the annual Promo Day online event. Promo Day is an author-focused event, helping to guide, connect and educate new and up & coming authors with writing, editing, publishing, and marketing

Agency Rules – Never an Easy Day at the Office was featured during the Murder, Mayhem and Mystery showcase held on Butterfly on a Broomstick. As part of the showcase, the book was featured with an excerpt and a backgrounder on the story behind the book was included on day 2.

We are proud to announce the global launch of Agency Rules – Never an Easy Day at the Office on the 16th Jan. The book is available in PDF, ePub and mobi formats.

Khalid Muhammad was invited on the 12th of January to share the story, motivation and process behind the writing of Agency Rules – Never an Easy Day at the Office, with the members of The Reader’s Avenue in Karachi.

Agency Rules is a story about a nation, and a people, that have been discarded from the world, branded as terrorists and a playground for every international superpower. I poured a great deal of myself into the story with the years of knowledge about Pakistan and it’s system of government. Kamal is a fantastic lead character for the story with his own internal struggles, quest for a place in society and search for his own identity. Kamal is someone that most people just identify with because he is not the traditional solider or spy. He comes from wealth and sacrifices it all to serve his country. The troubles that he gets into are things that everyone can understand, but most of all, you find yourself cheering for him, wishing for him to succeed because he is every man.

On the 4th of January, the Office of the General Pervez Musharraf picked up an article written by Khalid Muhammad, author of Agency Rules – Never an Easy Day at the Office, about the treason trial in Pakistan and shared it across Facebook and twitter.

Welcome to the Espionage and Crime Thriller Blog Tour: A group of authors entertaining their readers with some thrilling tales of criminality and spying, and tales of political intrigues, corruption and espionage. Lets’ find out what they are up to at the moment. The Spymaster wants to ask some questions. Indeed, they’ve all been asked the same questions as they introduce themselves and their work.

Khalid Muhammad is an entrepreneur and teacher, who, in 1997, moved to Pakistan after 27 years in the United States – an anomaly in this world, as migration tends to be the other way around. In Pakistan, he worked for some of the technology companies before establishing a business and teaching interactive marketing and entrepreneurship at a local university in Karachi.