It’s rare that someone hands me the opportunity to counter the dream script that is being prepared in New Delhi and Kabul for Pakistan, but this “journalist” did exactly that.

A great deal of hue and cry has been made about the perceived judicial persecution of Shoaib Shaikh, the courtroom catwalk of Ayyan Ali and the lack of action against others who have committed similar, or even worse, crimes.

I am no longer interested in those who want to talk about the “missing persons,” the “drone strikes,” and the arrests that put these animals on the run. The Pakistan Army‬ has them beaten in Waziristan‬ and Khyber‬, so now they want to shake the public into stepping back from a fight that we are winning.

And some emerging details from the ‪‎Karachi Op‬ thus far. These numbers are not from a single source or media outlet, but a compilation from multiple sources.

We have long known that our politicians were from the MC Hammer generation of “You can’t touch this” politicians, no matter what they do, above or below the law.

What I have always found interesting is the target of their campaigns. They are not interested in those who can engage with them and disprove their slipshod theories on the governance of a nation-state. They are not interested in the intelligent debate because they have no intelligence to debate with. They are interested in what I call low-hanging fruit.

Mission Creep is what critics are calling it, says Mehreen Zahra-Malik, in her propaganda article for the MQM in Reuters. But is it really mission creep (a quiet coup) or is it an attempt to free Karachi from the terror of target killing and extortion?

But the human rights activists will now stand to protect the rights of those who carried out the acts, rather than speak and defend the rights of the victims. The human rights activists will now stand to demand transparent justice for those who are guilty of brutality equal to that of the most vicious warlords. That they should be given all the protections of due process.

What I am against is using the cover of electronic crimes to silence the people of Pakistan who, in a true democratic dispensation, have the right to voice their opinions without fear of punishment or prosecution. I am also fearful that this new legislation will do nothing to stop cyber terrorism, violence against minorities and others, and electronic crimes.

So please, get your armies together and go fight. Invade Yemen, let us see who you need and who you don’t need. And when your monarchies fall, because without our army to protect you, there will be no GCC or House of Saud, we shall see who needs who.

Let today, the anniversary of the day that Pakistan lost its future leaders, be the day that you honor the nation that you claim to serve. Let today be the day that you bow to the men who truly love this nation and its people. Let today be the day that you demonstrate that you are a Pakistani first, standing for Pakistan first.

This, my friends and readers, is what Balkanization looks like. Internal conflicts, weak government, potential of civil war and attempts to discredit the national army so that a door is opened for foreign armies to enter to “save the country.”

An open letter to Pakistan’s Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif, on terrorism in the country and the government’s response.

The Taliban, ISIS and other terrorist organizations like to cite the Holy Qu’ran and the implementation of Sharia law as their reasons for waging war against other Muslim countries, but do they actually understand what they are talking about?

People wonder why Pakistan has a terrorism problem. It’s quite simple. The government is weak. The media is full of cowards and traitors. And the civil society gets no support from the law enforcement agencies, rather they are the victims of police reports, as well as terrorist attacks.