Adding Insult to Fury

Tonight gave Pakistani citizens the height of insult.

When a large group of citizens went to protest outside of Lal Masjid, the Islamabad Police registered an FIR (First Information Report) against the peaceful protestors on the orders of the Lal Masjid administration’s fake foundation that funds terrorists that have died fighting the Pakistan Army.


For those who are unfamiliar with Lal Masjid, you might know it better as the Red Mosque, which in 2007 was the scene of international news attention. Located in the center of Islamabad, a few kilometers away from the National Assembly and the President’s House, the Red Mosque pledged their allegiance to al-Qaeda and ordered their students on the street armed with sticks and heavy weapons. They proceeded over a period of months to burn video stores, kidnap those who they felt were involved in immoral activities, kidnap police officers and torment the residents of Islamabad.

The Pakistani media spent the entire 6 months demanding that the government of President Musharraf and Shaukat Aziz take stern action against these lawbreakers in the nation’s capital. President Musharraf made the prophetic comment, which you will understand before the end of this status update, to Hamid Mir when asked why he didn’t take action:

“I know you people. If I take action today, you will be the first to accuse me of high handedness.”

Days later, the Army was called in to cordon off the mosque and there were repeated requests from the military for all the innocent to leave the mosque and they would not be arrested or harmed. This continued for 3 days. When the bulk of the inhabitants of the mosque had left, the government sent numerous teams into the mosque to negotiate with the administration of the mosque and supporters of terrorists. After the negotiations broke down, the Army moved in and the first shot was fired from the Red Mosque, killing an SSG Commando.

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The Pakistani media, within minutes of the military operation starting, changed their tune from take action to look at what the brutal Army is doing to these innocent people. Again, let me remind you that it was this same media that was demanding action just days prior. Just days prior. And what did Musharraf say… that’s right – the media turned against the Army.

Today, this same “mosque” has pledged their allegiance to ISIS and are again making overt threats towards the government and military. And the same media is inviting them on their programs to discuss terrorism in Pakistan after the brutal murder of 148 children in Peshawar. These were not military children. They were our children. And these people are refusing to condemn the attack while defending the action taken by the TTP.

Today, former President Musharraf is charged with murder for killing the terrorists inside the Red Mosque, while those who support terrorism openly walk free without any charges framed against them.

The terrorists within the Red Mosque were absolved of all crimes by the Supreme Court of Pakistan led by Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry. The same Iftikhar Chaudhry that was awarded the Medal of Freedom by Harvard University. That same medal has only been given to one other person, Nelson Mandela.

The fact that the Islamabad Police even dared to issue a FIR against peaceful protestors outside a terrorist haven is shameful. When raising our voices against the oppressors and murderers is wrong, what can be right.

Why am I reminding you of this story? Because Pakistan stands in the same position again today. The people want action against those who murdered our children in Peshawar and the media is playing their games again trying to position the terrorists as the victims.

This would never happen in any other country of the world. They would never invite a mass murderer on television to explain why he killed his victims. While the protests were going on outside, Express News anchor Javed Chaudhry had the leader of the Red Mosque, Abdul Aziz, on his show to discuss terrorism in Pakistan. Asking a known terrorist about terrorism in Pakistan.

But this isn’t the first case of Javed Chaudhry negotiating with terrorists. Earlier this year, the Express News office in Karachi was attacked by terrorists. Javed Chaudhry got on live television with the leader of the TTP and begged for his channels reporters to be spared and in return, he would give air time to the TTP leadership to explain their mission to Pakistanis and he would call them for comments on terrorist attacks that they carried out.

This is all in the backdrop of a potentially violent Friday, where the Pakistan Army is set to execute 6 terrorists. There are threats against the Army that their children will be kidnapped and tortured until the terrorists are released from the jails. There are currently 8,000 terrorists in Pakistan’s jails and prisons.

There are also rumors floating in Islamabad that Nawaz Sharif is being threatened against executing terrorists by the TTP and other extremist/terrorist groups.

People wonder why Pakistan has a terrorism problem. It’s quite simple. The government is weak. The media is full of cowards and traitors. And the civil society gets no support from the law enforcement agencies, rather they are the victims of police reports, as well as terrorist attacks.

As you read this, please don’t just like the post, share it. Everyone needs to know what is happening in the country and why the government is sitting on their hands rather than avenging the blood of our children.

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