It’s rare that someone hands me the opportunity to counter the dream script that is being prepared in New Delhi and Kabul for Pakistan, but this “journalist” did exactly that.

One week after Modi visited China, the Chinese Navy floated a nuclear sub right past the Indian Navy and into dock in Karachi. This happened to be the same week when the Chinese warned Pakistan that the Indians would do anything to derail the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

A great deal of hue and cry has been made about the perceived judicial persecution of Shoaib Shaikh, the courtroom catwalk of Ayyan Ali and the lack of action against others who have committed similar, or even worse, crimes.

If one thing has become clear to the regimes of the Middle East, it’s that without Pakistan and her Army, they can’t win wars.

Khalid Muhammad was recently quoted in a Norwegian article on the Cyber Crime Bill in Pakistan.

My fellow citizens, the government and judiciary of Pakistan have already adequately demonstrated their inability to counter the menace of terrorism within the borders of Pakistan. I would go to the extent that their greatest achievement since taking power after the rigged elections of 2013 has been to allow the terrorists to gain more strength within our country’s borders and further their ties with foreign agencies that are set on destabilizing and eliminating Pakistan from the global map.

Reza Aslan brings an educated and informed intelligence to debates on religion. As a religious scholar and professor of religions, he is able to connect all the major religions and explain their history and relevance.

I am no longer interested in those who want to talk about the “missing persons,” the “drone strikes,” and the arrests that put these animals on the run. The Pakistan Army‬ has them beaten in Waziristan‬ and Khyber‬, so now they want to shake the public into stepping back from a fight that we are winning.

Although Seymour Hersh has a long-standing record of exposing major stories in the past, he has had a number of balloons that have failed to fly and I would venture that this is another one that just doesn’t hit the mark.

Khalid sat down with Wasio Ali Abbasi and Digital Saeen to talk about terrorism, Pakistan and his new book, Scorched Earth, due out in the next few weeks.

Yesterday, I was honored to be invited to speak to the students of class 8, 9, and 10 of The City Model School in Federal B Area, ‪‎Karachi‬. The topic of my address was “Being a better Pakistani for Pakistan.”

And some emerging details from the ‪‎Karachi Op‬ thus far. These numbers are not from a single source or media outlet, but a compilation from multiple sources.

We have long known that our politicians were from the MC Hammer generation of “You can’t touch this” politicians, no matter what they do, above or below the law.

“In the article, “Who is bombing whom?”, Fisk quotes from an article that Khalid Muhammad wrote for The Nation in Pakistan about Saudi Arabia demanding only Sunni soldiers and officers for a ground invasion into Yemen.”

What I have always found interesting is the target of their campaigns. They are not interested in those who can engage with them and disprove their slipshod theories on the governance of a nation-state. They are not interested in the intelligent debate because they have no intelligence to debate with. They are interested in what I call low-hanging fruit.